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Sweet and Vicious

Praise for Sweet and Vicious


Sweet and Vicious is funny, cool, surprisingly and wonderfully violent, has great characters, a ridiculously beautiful love story, a perfect ending. Read it.”
–James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces

“Think Bonnie and Clyde as it might have been written by Tom Robbins”
–Publishers Weekly

“Schickler is a rare find… he mixes love, violence, ardor, and humor in this funny and heartbreaking modern-day fable.”
Booklist, starred review

“Schickler ambitiously follows his fantastic 2001 story collection Kissing in Manhattan with a precious fairy-tale version of a bloody pulp novel…Schickler spins sentences in a way that keeps you in your seat.”
–Entertainment Weekly

Sweet and Vicious is impressive: it has a sharp wit and a sustained edge…. Mr. Schickler pierces straight through the everyday world with his deadpan vision.”
The New York Times

“A fun but thoughtful read for those who appreciate complicated collisions of opposites.”
— People

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